Benchmarking bimanual cloth manipulation

Irene Garcia-Camachoa, Júlia Borràsa, Carme Torrasa Guillem Alenyàa

a Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial, CSIC-UPC, 08028 Barcelona, Spain.

b Robotics, Perception and Learning Lab, EECS, KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stickholm, Sweden.

Abstract - Cloth manipulation is a challenging task that, despite its importance, has received relatively little attention compared to rigid object manipulation. In this letter, we provide three benchmarks for evaluation and comparison of different approaches towards three basic tasks in cloth manipulation: spreading a tablecloth over a table, folding a towel, and dressing. The tasks can be executed on any bimanual robotic platform and the objects involved in the tasks are standardized and easy to acquire. We provide several complexity levels for each task, and describe the quality measures to evaluate task execution. Furthermore, we provide baseline solutions for all the tasks and evaluate them according to the proposed metrics.

Spreading a tablecloth baseline


I. Garcia-Camacho, M. Lippi, M.C. Welle, H. Yin, R. Antanova, A. Varava, J. Borràs, C. Torras, A. Marino, G. Alenyà and D. Kragic. Benchmarking bimanual cloth manipulation. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 5(2): 1111-1118, 2020.