The MoveIt motion planning framework: Configuration for the IRI_WAM robot

AdriĆ  Gonzalez, Guillem AlenyĆ 


Perform the setup and prepare WAM robots to use the the motion planning and obstacle avoidance facilities present at the MoveIt! framework. In particular, determine the configurations and API function calls to set the target of the robot arm with joint state and add collision objects programatically, without using the graphical interface.


This has been tested in ROS Groovy. You need the installation of IRI_WAM ROS packages, MoveIt, openni_launch. You need also the following nodes:

This video shows a demo of some the functionalities:

  • Define a target (in joints), plan (and visualize) and execute in real robot
  • Define virtual obstacles and use in planning
  • Use real obstacles captured from a Kinect camera