Dude, Can You Count? Stories, Challenges And Adventures In Mathematics - Christian Constanda
Springer (2010)
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Imagine algebra class meets The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy… Meet JJ, an unusual character with a unique vantage position from which he can measure and monitor humanity’s progress. Armed with a device that compels all around it to tell the truth, JJ offers a satirical evaluation of our attitudes to numeracy and logic, touching upon several aspects of life on Earth along the way, from the criminal justice system and people’s use of language to highway driving and modern art. A collection of mathematically-flavored stories and jokes, interlaced with puzzles, paradoxes and problems, fuse together in an entertaining, free-flowing narrative that will engage and amuse anyone with an interest in the issues confronting society today. JJ demonstrates how a lack of elementary mathematical knowledge can taint our work and general thinking and reflects upon the importance of what is arguably our most valuable weapon against ignorance: a sound mathematical education. What is JJ’s prognosis for our future? There’s only one way to find out... "Numbers, logic, human behavior and aliens: this unique book blends them all into a captivating narrative of serious talk and satire, where wit and scholarly details are counterpointed by instructive puzzles and mathematical fun. A ‘must read’ for anybody who appreciates humor and culture." Stanislav Potapenko, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada "... a real delight. Constanda has managed to intertwine stories, puzzles, logic and some very rich mathematics concepts into a very readable, enjoyable novel... I believe this book should be in the personal library of every high school mathematics teacher." Tom Becvar, St Louis University High School, USA "…a highly readable, unique and fascinating combination of humor, mathematics and social commentary that is factual, educational and, more importantly, understandable. Given what is taking place in today’s society, J.J. Moon brings mathematics back to earth! I’ll never go through the car buying process again without thinking about SCAM 16!" Jerry Hoopert, VP / Chief Administrative Officer, Tulsa Teachers Credit Union, USA

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