CUIK++: An Extension of Branch-and-Prune Techniques for Motion Analysis and Synthesis of Complex Robotic Systems


We next provide a selection of problems solved with CUIK. To the best of our knowledge, some of such problems hadn't been solved to date (the wheelie linkages, the four-fingered anthropomorphic hand, and the bicyclohexane and cyclooctane molecules). For each benchmark we include a problem description, the input/output files, the solutions obtained, and solver performance statistics.

Introductory Examples
A simple tutorial example.
Planar Linkages
A wheelie linkage.
Parallel Spatial Robots
The general Stewart-Gough platform.
Serial Spatial Robots
The Barrett arm and hand.
Robotic Hands
The SA hand.
Service Robots
The PR2 service robot.
Singularity Detection and Singularity-free Planning
The FTSJ protein of Escherichia Coli.
A tensegrity sculture.