CUIK++: An Extension of Branch-and-Prune Techniques for Motion Analysis and Synthesis of Complex Robotic Systems

Project Overview

The CUIK project develops relaxation and higher-dimensional continuation techniques for the motion analysis of closed-chain multi-body systems. We develop techniques to isolate the valid configurations, to determine the motion range of the whole multi-body system or of some of its parts, to detect singular configurations leading to control or dexterity issues, or to find collision- and singularity-free paths between given configurations, all of them fundamental aspects in the robot design and programming stages. Our developments finds applications in robotics (direct and inverse kinematics of serial/parallel robots, cooperative manipulation, closed-chain motion planning, and SLAM), structural biology (conformational analysis of biomolecules), multibody kinematics (initial position and finite displacement problems), and computer-aided design (variational CAD and assembly positioning).

This project has been funded by:
The Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, under contracts DPI2004-07358-Cuik, DPI2007-60858-Cuik+, and DPI2010-18449-Cuik++
The Comunitat de Treball dels Pirineus, under contract 2006ITT-10004
Ramón y Cajal and I3 programme funds.