Master Thesis

Robot Localization and Mapping using LIDAR

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  • If you are interested in the proposal, please contact with the supervisors.


We offer a position for a student to contribute in the FENILO project. FENILO intends to develop a mapping, localization and navigation solution for wheeled robots, in urban or building environments. The project will use LIDAR, IMU and encoder-based odometry measurements.

The student, with the supervision of Dr. Joan Vallvé, Dr. Joan Solà and Dr. Juan Andrade-Cetto, will explore the use of LIDAR sensor to the 2D robot localization and mapping problem. 

A solution for three different problems will be addressed (loop closure, map representation and scan matching), reviewing the state of the art and implementing the solutions that best fit to the use case. Also, experiments both in simulation and real scenario will be executed to test and validate the solutions.

Some skills recommended for the candidate are:
- Good C++ programming level
- Algebra and calculus (nonlinear optimization)
- Experience with ROS.

This work will be remunerated via an INIREC grant and is expected to have a duration of 4 months, with a dedication of 20h/week and a remuneration of 525€/month.

We can design a work plan to do either a TFG or a TFM, or simply professional practice.

The work is under the scope of the following projects:

  • MdM: Unit of Excellence María de Maeztu (web)
  • FENILO: Framework for 2D Estimation and Navigation using IMU, Lidar and Odometry (web)