Master Thesis

Object Detection and Tracking for Intelligent Vehicles

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  • If you are interested in the proposal, please contact with the supervisors.


Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is a trending topic of major interest for automotive industry. Most of worldwide automotive companies are currently recruiting skilled engineers to join teams, which are working on the driver-less car direction. They are carrying out research and development on all levels, from actuators, sensors and electronics to computing algorithms to improve vehicle perception and manoeuvring.

Mobile Robotics group at IRI is collaborating with international partners in two projects focusing ITS and driver-less vehicles. IRI contributes with its expertise on the field of mobile robotics, including sensing, perception, navigation, planning and testing.

This Master Thesis proposal will focus on the perception part of the vehicle, using a multi-layer laser scanner device (IBEO) commonly used in automotive research. Perception processing should compute and track position of other cars in the lane, as well as pedestrians within the field of view of the sensor.

In a first stage, the student should get familiar with the device, managing its interfaces, drivers and data visualization. Thereafter, the student will work on implementing in C++ a library for vehicle and pedestrian detection and tracking by using such laser range data. Testing the final solution in a real car is also expected.

Desired skills to apply to this proposal are:
- Algebra and Calculus, and comfortable to work with maths.
- C++ programming.
- Robotic Operation System (ROS).
- Working autonomy, but also team working skills.