Andreu Corominas Murtra
Postdoc Researcher
IRI - Mobile Robotics
acorominas (at)
Tel: +34 93 4015751

Andreu obtained his engineering degree in 2002 from ETSETB (UPC). After working as an engineer in the aerospatial sector at CNES, he joined IRI (UPC-CSIC) to accomplish in 2011 a PhD on mobile robotics. In 2012 he started working under his own brand Beta Robots, which becomes a company in 2016. Since the beginning of 2014, he also holds a postdoc position within the Mobile Robotics Group at IRI.

His domain expertise is sensor fusion for real-time applications, specially for mobile robot navigation, including sensor modalities such as inertial sensors, computer vision, laser scanners, radars and GPS. He is personally interested in robotics for civil applications and open source software practices.