Maurici is the name of this wind machine I built (many) years ago. Life is hard at 150km/h wind speeds...

Technical specifications:

Tower height 9m
Rotor diameter 2.5m
Number of blades 3 aerodynamic, hand made
Starting wind speed 4m/s = 15km/h
Optimal wind speed 12m/s = 45km/h
Maximum wind speed 20m/s = 70 km/h
Tip to wind speed ratio 7
Turn rate ratio 4.4
Main rotor speed 600rpm
Generator speed 2640rpm
Electromechanical conversion 24V Dynamo
Maximum mechanical power 1200W
Maximum electrical power 500W (it is limited...)
Nominal output voltage 12V
Output voltage span 10V to 16V depending on battery voltage
Maximum output current 30Adc
Heading principle Passive, tail driven
Mechanical protection Automatic disorientation via uncentered axis from 15-20m/s (60-70 km/h)
Electrical protection Electronic rotor current limiter that actuates on stator current
Battery overcharge protection Electronically controlled brake resistance in parallel with the battery