Alberto Sanfeliu has worked on various theoretical aspects on Robotics, Computer Vision and Structural Pattern Recognition.


Topics: Simultaneous Localization and Map Building (SLAM), Self Localization, Robot Navigation, Cooperative Robotics, Network Robot Systems, Human-Robot Interactions...

Some examples:

  Simultaneous Localization and Map Building (SLAM)            Exemple of localization


  Autonomous Robot Navigation                                                    Network Robot Systems


Some robots pictures:


Computer Vision

Topics: Object Recognition, Color Invariance, Segmentation, Tracking...

Some examples:

 Real Time Detection                                                                        Real Time Detection with Rotation


 Shadows Removal                                                                          Tracking


Pattern Recognition

Topics: Syntactic Structural Pattern Recognition,Graph Matching,Graph Learning,Gramatical Inference...

Some examples:

Example of Pattern Recognition

Example of Graph Matching


Example of Pattern Recognition

Other example of Graph Matching