Secrets Of Cold War Technology: Project Haarp And Beyond - Gerry Vassilatos
Adventures Unlimited Press (2000)
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In Secrets of Cold War Technology, Gerry Vassilatos reveals that "Death Ray" technology has been secretly researched and developed since the turn of the century. Included are chapters on H. C. Vion, the developer of auroral energy receivers; Dr. Selim Lemstrom's pre-Tesla experiments; the early beam weapons of Grindell-Mathews; John Hettenger and his early beam power systems; Ulivi Turpain and others. Learn about Project Argus, Project Teak and Project Orange; EMP experiments back in the '60s; why the Air Force directed the construction of a huge ionospheric "backscatter" telemetry system across the Pacific just after World War II; why Raytheon has collected every patent relevant to HAARP over the past few years; and much more pertinent information on hidden Cold War technology.

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