The Practical Handbook Of Genetic Algorithms. Vol. 2: New Frontiers - Lance D. Chambers
CRC Press Inc (1995)
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The mathematics employed by genetic algorithms (GAs)are among the most exciting discoveries of the last few decades. But what exactly is a genetic algorithm? A genetic algorithm is a problem-solving method that uses genetics as its model of problem solving. It applies the rules of reproduction, gene crossover, and mutation to pseudo-organisms so those "organisms" can pass beneficial and survival-enhancing traits to new generations. GAs are useful in the selection of parameters to optimize a system's performance. A second potential use lies in testing and fitting quantitative models. Unlike any other book available, this interesting new text/reference takes you from the construction of a simple GA to advanced implementations. As you come to understand GAs and their processes, you will begin to understand the power of the genetic-based problem-solving paradigms that lie behind them.

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