Rapid Prototyping Casebook
Wiley (2001)
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Time compression technologies such as rapid prototyping and manufacturing offer enormous potential benefits. Where time can be saved in the development of new or modified products, expenditure can also be reduced. Swifter development can also give a competitive edge to those using these techniques. However there are a number of different systems and processes that can be used. Ensuring that the most appropriate rapid prototyping and manufacturing technology is applied to a problem is vital to the success of a project. The case studies, compiled by the experienced team of the Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick in the UK, represent a range of different real experiences drawn from a variety of industries, using a range of materials and processes. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Overview of product design and development Computer-aided design and rapid prototyping The introduction of CAD/CAM in the ceramics industry Product design and development – reverse engineering Reducing the risk of new product development by utilizing rapid prototyping technologies Stress analysis using rapid prototyping techniques Case studies in rapid prototyping and manufacturing techniques–flow visualization using rapid prototype models Overview of utilizing bureau facilities Using bureau services Running an internal rapid prototyping bureau Overview of rapid casting techniques An alternative route to metal components for prototype and low-volume production Rapid prototyping in pattern making and foundry applications Rapid prototyping – enhancing product development at Parker Hannifin Cast tooling with rapid prototype patterns Overview of rapid tooling The role of rapid immediate production tooling (IPT) in new product development Rapid tooling – cast resin and sprayed metal tooling.

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