Handbook Of Fibre Rope Technology - H. A. McKenna
Woodhead (2004)
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Modern ropes made from natural or synthetic fibres have applications from the conventional to the more unusual systems such as anchoring off-shore rigs safely to the sea bed, keeping a building upright during an earthquake, and mountain climbing. For dependable rope performance, their manufacture requires a thorough knowledge of mechanics, structures, and material properties. Written in a style that reads fluidly from cover to cover, the Handbook of Fibre Rope Technology is the first book to chronicle the history and development of the rope fiber industry, from ancient times to the present. The authors use photographs, charts, and cross-sectional illustrations to analyze the structural and chemical properties of popular materials, including natural fibers, polymers, and aramid fibers. They present the terminology, relationships, and calculations used to determine mechanical and physical properties, including strength, tension, and durability of different rope structures. The authors also present details of production and termination, visual signs of wear, and several practical testing techniques used to determine the lifespan of different ropes. Reinforcing all of the principles discussed in this book with a detailed account of modern uses, a discussion of today's market standards and conditions, and 12 in-depth case studies, the Handbook of Fibre Rope Technology is an outstanding technical resource that will assist in the design, selection, use, inspection, testing, and marketing of natural and synthetic fiber ropes.

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