Homology Theory: An Introduction To Algebraic Topology - P. J. Hilton, S. Wylie
Cambridge University Press (1968)
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This account of algebraic topology is complete in itself, assuming no previous knowledge of the subject. It is used as a textbook for students in the final year of an undergraduate course or on graduate courses and as a handbook for mathematicians in other branches who want some knowledge of the subject.

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'This book achieves the purpose of providing an introduction which reaches the developing parts of the subject, and for those who already know a little algebraic topology is by far the best textbook for further study.' D.G. Palmer in Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society

'This is a badly needed book. It does an excellent job of carrying the serious beginning student of algebraic topology to a genuine acquaintance with the field.' A. Heller in American Mathematical Reviews

'The book is written with great skill and contains a large number of exercises. The authors constantly emphasise the geometrical nature of the ideas they examine'. P.S. Alexandrov in the Preface to the Russian edition