The Home Book Of Quizzes, Games And Jokes - Edward Boykin
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This book contains the following:

*) A set of quizzes on American history
*) A set of quizzes on many topics
*) A set of alphabet games
*) A set of guessing games
*) Stunts that can be done with physical objects
*) Games children can play indoors
*) A set of jokes for American audiences

Solutions to all of the questions are included.
The quiz questions are generally hard, at the level one would expect if you were being tested over material you had just studied in a class. Everything is written for an American audience and given that the book was published in 1941, there is some racial, gender, ethnic and nationality bias. However, the jokes are squeaky clean in the sexual sense. In the spirit of the adage, "What is old is new again", if you are looking for things to do, it is quite likely that there are things in here that you have never encountered before.

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No. of Pages 256