Quick-To-Solve Brainteasers (Mensa) - Official American Mensa Puzzle Book - J.J. Mendoza Fernandez
Sterling (1998)
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Games / Logic & Brain Teasers, Games / Puzzles, Psychological Recreations, Puzzles

Don't think too hard or you'll never solve these logic puzzles and riddles. The answers to all 187 are easy once you catch the tricky wording. How can you tie a knot in a napkin by holding one end in each hand without letting go of it? Impossible, you say (or your friends will say, if you bet them). But: Cross your arms and hold a tip of the napkin in each hand. When you uncross your arms, the knot will be formed! Now try this riddle: I climbed up a cherry tree, where I found cherries. I did not pick cherries, nor did I leave cherries. How can you explain this? Answer: I climbed up a cherry tree with two cherries in my hand. I picked only one. I left the other one on the tree. I did not "pick cherries," because I "picked a cherry." Take this dare: My bird can fly faster than any supersonic plane. Here's how: If you put my bird inside any plane and make it fly in the same direction as the plane, it will go faster than the plane. 96 pages, 52 b/w illus., 5 3/8 x 8 1/4.

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LoC Classification GV1493 .M356 1998
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