Seven Hundred Chinese Proverbs - Patrick pichi Sun
Stanford University Press (1940)
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This little book is an antiquarian gem, designed to present traditional Chinese folk proverbs to the casual or interested reader. It is by no means scholarly, nor does it strive to be. Gathered together here are the words one still hears uttered by the people of China on the streets and in the villages. Editor Henry Hart presents a broad sampling of proverbs covering topics like Women, Health and Disease, Wealth and Poverty, Virtue, Religion, Education, Animals, Friendship, Virtue and more. As you read these profound proverbs, some simple - some deep - and some humurous - your eyes will be opened to the wisdom of the Chinese people. The book is decorate throughout with delicate 17th century Chinese drawings in red ink. Peruse this treasure and you will agree that "Good sayings are like pearls strung together."

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