Hellenic Philosophy: Origin And Character - Christos Evangeliou
Ashgate (2006)
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Tracing the historical origin and the critical development of Hellenic philosophy from vague and indeterminate beginnings to its classical maturity and fruition in the minds, words and works of the Athenian philosophers, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, this book argues that dignified nobility, respectful critique and unfettered freedom of thought and expression clearly defined the character of Classical Hellenic philosophy and that this distinguishes it from philosophies of different eras. Evangeliou examines the historical influence of Hellenic philosophy and its complex global relations to other non-Hellenic philosophies of Africa, Asia and Europe and also considers how contemporary and politically sensitive issues relate to the nature of Western culture and European philosophy. Radical and revisionary in nature, this work challenges many of the long cherished myths about the influence of Classical Hellenic philosophy on the tradition of Western thought.

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