Pumping Ions: Games And Exercises To Flex Your Mind - Tom Wujec
Doubleday Canada (1988)
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Fiction / General, Pensee - Problemes Et Exercices, Thought and thinking, Thought And Thinking - Problems, Exercises, Etc, Thought And Thinking Problems, Exercises, Etc

Does your mind wander when you think through a problem at home or at work?  Do you have trouble remembering vital names, dates, facts?  Instead of making creative leaps, are you all too often confronted with mental blocks? It may be that your mind is suffering from lack of exercise.  InPumping Ionsauthor Tom Wujec shows you how to strengthen, flex, tone, and coordinate you "mental muscles,"  conditioning the brain just as you do the body. Perfect for the student, business person, or anyone who feels their mind has grown "flabby," this fully-illustrated guide provides dozens of easy exercises designed to: -increase attention span -improve memory -enhance creativity -Stretch imagination -build up powers of deduction and analysis -hone decision-making skills It also exlains many invaluable techniques for relaxation, visualization, verbalization, and learning.  Packed with intriguing puzzles, provocative ideas, and suggestions, this fascinating book can help you develop your very own mental fitness program--and gain the ultimate competitive edge in business, school, or recreation.

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