Second International Workshop on Fundamental Issues and Future Research Directions For Parallel Mechanisms And Manipulators
Montpellier (2008)
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Clément M. Gosselin* On the Determination of the Force Distribution in Overconstrained Cable-Driven
Parallel Mechanisms

Júlia Borràs, Raffaele Di Gregorio Direct Position Analysis of a Large Family of Spherical and Planar Parallel
Manipulators with Four Loops

Xianwen Kong, Clément M. Gosselin Forward Displacement Analysis of a Quadratic 3T1R Parallel Manipulator: the 4-DOF Quadrupteron

Paul Zsombor-Murray Kinematic Mapping and Kinematics of Some Parallel Manipulators

Syamsul Huda, Yukio Takeda, Shuta Hanagasaki Kinematic Design of 3-URU Pure Rotational Parallel Mechanism to Perform Precise Motion Within a Large Workspace

Ernesto Rodriguez-Leal, Jian S. Dai, Gordon R. Pennock, Kinematic Analysis of a New Family of Centralized Parallel Mechanisms

Nicola Sancisi, Vincenzo Parenti Castelli, A Novel 3D Parallel Mechanism for the Passive Motion Simulation of the Patella-Femur-Tibia Complex

Mehdi Tale Masouleh, Clément M. Gosselin, Kinematic Analysis and Singularity Representation of 5-RPRRR Parallel Mechanisms

René Motro* Structural Morphology of Tensegrity Systems

Nicolas Binaud, Stéphane Caro, Philippe Wenger, Sensitivity Analysis of 3-RPR Planar Parallel Manipulators

Geoff T. Pond, Juan A. Carretero, Quantitatively Comparing Serial and Parallel Mechanisms in Terms of Dexterity

Xin-Jun Liu, Jinsong Wang, Markus Wabner, Reimund Neugebauer, Performance Evaluation of Parallel Manipulators: Force Transmissibility of Planar Parallel Manipulators

Juan A. Carretero, Scott B. Nokleby, Flavio Firmani, Wrench Capabilities of Redundantly-Actuated Spatial Parallel Manipulators Using Wrench Polytopes

Zhen Huang, Jingfang Liu, Open Problem of Mechanism Mobility and a Mobility Methodology

Grigore Gogu, Bifurcation in Constraint Singularities and Structural Parameters of Parallel

Júlia Borràs, Federico Thomas, Carme Torras, Analysing the Singularities of 6-SPS Parallel Robots Using Virtual Legs

Dominic R. Walter, Manfred L. Husty, Martin Pfurner, The SNU 3-UPU Parallel Robot from a Theoretical Viewpoint

Alessandro Cammarata, Rosario Sinatra, The Elastodynamics of the 3-CRU Spherical Robot

Cyril Quennouelle, Clément M. Gosselin, Kinemato-Static Modelling of Compliant Parallel Mechanisms: Application to a 3-PRRR Mechanism, the Tripteron

Ilya Tyapin, Geir Hovland, Torgny Brogårdh, Kinematic and Elastodynamic Design Optimisation of the 3-DOF Gantry-Tau Parallel Kinematic Manipulator

Matthew Murray, Geir Hovland, Torgny Brogårdh, Singularity-Free Reconfiguration of the 5-DOF Gantry-Tau Parallel Kinematic Machine

Ilian A. Bonev, Sébastien Briot, Philippe Wenger, Damien Chablat, Changing Assembly Modes Without Passing Parallel Singularities in Non-Cuspidal 3-RPR Planar Parallel Robots

Saliha Bellakehal, Nicolas Andreff, Youcef Mezouar, Flavien Paccot, Force/Position Control of Parallel Robots Using Exteroceptive Pose Measurements

Andreas Müller, Consequences of Kinematic Imperfections for the Control of Redundantly Actuated
Parallel Manipulators

Andés Kecskeméthy, Kusnadi Liem, Mahendra Dhanu Singh, A Fluidic-Muscle Driven Force-Controlled Parallel Platform for Physical Simulation of Virtual Spatial Force-Displacement Laws

Reymond Clavel* Parallel robots: from food packaging to surgery

M. John D. Hayes, Robert G. Langlois, Abraham Weiss Atlas Motion Platform Generalized Kinematic Model

Dongsu Jeon, Woosung In, Sun Ho Kim, Hyun Pyo Shin, Jongwon Kim Development of the Eclipse-II Motion Simulator

Volkert van der Wijk , Just Herder, Dynamic Balancing of Mechanisms by Using an Actively Driven Counter-Rotary
Counter-Mass for Low Mass and Low Inertia

Martin Riedel, Marwene Nefzi, Mathias Hüsing, Burkhard Corves, An Adjustable Gripper as a Reconfigurable Robot with a Parallel Structure

Cédric Baradat, Vincent Nabat, Olivier Company, Sébastien Krut, François Pierrot Par2: a Spatial Mechanism for Fast Planar, 2-dof, Pick-and-Place Applications