The Limits Of Science - Outline Of Logic And Of The Methodology Of The Exact Sciences - Leon Chwistek, Helen Charlotte Brodie
Routledge (2000)
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Logic, Logic, Symbolic and mathematical, Mathematics, Reasoning, Science

For almost three decades Dr. Leon Chwistek has been occupied with the problems of philosophy and logic. While it is generally recognized that he has made valuable contributions to logic by his critical analysis of its foundations, his own doctrines in philosophy and logic have been the subject of heated debate, particularly in his native land.
The Limits of Science presents Chwistek's position on some of these controversial issues. While admittedly but an outline of the methodological and logical problems of the exact sciences, this work merits consideration as an attempt to approach these problems from the standpoint of a new logical science, semantics, and a new view concerning reality, the theory of plural reality. In the light of current philosophical discussion it is of interest to note that Chwistek was led to work out this new approach as a result of a prior analysis of language. His position can therefore be characterized as the reaction of a present-day nominalist to contemporary realistic and anti-rationalist doctrines.

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