Ramanujan's Notebooks: Part I - Bruce C. Berndt
Kluwer Academic Publishers (1985)
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Asymptotic expansions, Eisenstein series, Hypergeometric Series, Mathematics

Srinivasa Ramanujan is, arguably, the greatest mathematicianthat India has produced. His story is quite unusual:although he had no formal education inmathematics, hetaught himself, and managed to produce many important newresults. With the support of the English number theorist G.H. Hardy, Ramanujan received a scholarship to go to Englandand study mathematics. He died very young, at the age of 32,leaving behind three notebooks containing almost 3000theorems, virtually all without proof. G. H. Hardy andothers strongly urged that notebooks be edited andpublished, and the result is this series of books. Thisvolume dealswith Chapters 1-9 of Book II; each theorem iseither proved, or a reference to a proof is given.

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