The Puzzle King: Sam Loyd's Chess Problems And Selected Mathematical Puzzles
Pickard and Son Publishers (1996)
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The Puzzle King, Sam Loyd's Chess Problems and Selected Mathematical Puzzles; by Sam Loyd Sam Loyd, the Puzzle King, is an authentic American genius. Famous as a composer of chess problems and puzzles of every kind, his inventive and original posers have amused, perplexed and delighted people by the millions. Presented in this volume are Loyd's 710 chess problems, artful and cunning, along with 34 of his most popular prize-winning math puzzles. Large, clear diagrams and easy-to-follow solutions are among the features making this edition an instant classic, one that will challenge and entertain the reader for years. Endgame enthusiasts, students of tactics and fans of chess problems will all be amazed at Loyd's creations. They feature brilliant piece sacrifices, deceptive withdrawals, waiting tactics and subtle strategic play that reach into the very heart of chess. The variety of ideas, depth of conception and sheer beauty contained in Loyd's problems are food for the soul of every chess player.

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