Holograms & Holography: Design, Techniques, & Commercial Applications (Science And Computing Series) - John R. Vacca
Charles River Media (2001)
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Attention Magnet. Impossible to put down. Visual Magic. These are a few of the phrases used to describe holograms, a technology that combines physics and optics to create a three-dimensional image on a two-dimensional surface. This book/CD package provides a complete overview of holograms and holography, including commercial applications, history, scientific explanations, and how they are manufactured in thousands of products from logos to credit cards.

Key Features - Complete overview of the field including its history, science, applications and production issues - Separate chapters on: Holographic Interferometry, Computer Generated Holograms on the Web, Holographic Embossing, Holographic Security, Laser Electronics, Holographic Storage Systems, and more - Discussion of commercial uses, e.g., security, entertainment, premiums, and virtual reality - Accompanying CD-ROM includes holographic images, animations and Web sites - Foreword by Michael Erbschloe - Free Sample Hologram

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