Real-Life Math: Everyday Use Of Mathematical Concepts - Evan M. Glazer, John W. McConnell
Greenwood Press (2002)
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"What does this have to do with real life?" is a question that plagues mathematics teachers across America, as students are confronted with abstract topics in their high school mathematics courses. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics emphasizes the importance of making real world connections in teaching mathematics so that learning new content is meaningful to students. And in meeting NCTM national standards, this invaluable book provides many insights into the many connections between mathematics applications and the real world. Nearly 50 math concepts are presented with multiple examples of how each is applied in everyday environments, such as the workplace, nature, science, sports, and even parking. From logarithms to matrices to complex numbers, concepts are discussed for a variety of mathematics courses, including:

  • algebra
  • geometry
  • trigonometry
  • analysis
  • probability
  • statistics
  • calculus In one entry, for example, the authors show how angles are used in determining the spaces of a parking lot. When describing exponential growth, the authors demonstrate how interest on a loan or credit card increases over time. The concept of equations is described in a variety of ways, including how business managers estimate how many hours it takes a certain number of employees to complete a task, as well as how a to compute a quarterback's passing rating. Websites listed at the end of each entry provide additional examples of everyday math for both students and teachers.

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