Social robots: A meeting point between science and fiction

Journal Article (2014)


Mètode Science Studies Journal



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Industrial robots and androids in science fiction were worlds apart until recently, but now begin to merge with the rapid development of social robotics. Given the growing need for labour in the healthcare and service sectors, robots are being designed to interact with the disabled and elderly people, or to take the place of receptionists or shop assistants in shopping malls, or even to act as support teachers or nannies. Within this context, efforts have grown to facilitate mutual inspiration between techno-science and humanities. Ethical issues such as the influence of robotic nannies on child psyche, previously within the realms of literary works, are now being discussed in scientific forums.


artificial intelligence, humanoid robots, intelligent robots, service robots, social aspects of automation.

Author keywords

Social robots, science fiction, roboethics, robot nannies

Scientific reference

C. Torras. Social robots: A meeting point between science and fiction. Mètode Science Studies Journal, 82, 2014.