Optimal operation of a residential energy hub

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International Conference on Systems and Control (ICSC)





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In this paper, the performance of smart grids is optimized for the case of residential energy centers equipped with solar photo-voltaic (PV) units. In this regard, two optimizations were done reducing energy consumption and cost. The results obtained from this study can be used by three groups of external consumers, environmental experts and energy suppliers. Big home appliances consume large part of household energies. With the use of a smart control tool, consumers can program home appliances daily or weekly to pay less by using them in non-peak load time. Hub energy is a concept that has been considered in energy systems mixed with multiple energy carriers. A hub is determined as the locus of activity of system. Certainly, a hub is the energy core, in which all activities associated with a system including generation, storage and consumption of energy in applied equipment are determined. In this research, YALMIP toolbox in MATLAB is used for optimization of energy consumption with the objective of cost reduction associated to fossil fuels by using a PV generation unit. As a result, right time to turn each appliance on is specified considering the practical limitations of the appliances and the maximum possible application of PV unit for renewable energy generation


control theory, optimisation.

Author keywords

renewable energy,hub system,photo voltaic,residential energy hub

Scientific reference

Z. Rasouli and V. Puig. Optimal operation of a residential energy hub, 7th International Conference on Systems and Control, 2018, Valencia, pp. 105-110.