Real time control solutions for urban drainage system under watershed treatment

Journal Article (2020)


Zhongguo Jishui Paishui/China Water and Wastewater







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  • Liu, Zhi-xiao

  • Liu, Long-zhi

  • Han, Guang-yu

  • Wang, Hai-ling

  • Sun, Congcong


Under the dual pressure of water environment and water safety in wet weather, how to improve the reliability, flexibility and sustainability of urban drainage system is increasingly important to ensure the safety of urban water system. The urban drainage system has characteristics of dynamic, multi-objective and uncertainty. From the perspective of watershed treatment, under the multi-objective coordination of further reducing the combined system overflow pollution and maximizing the "source -process-end" capacity of drainage system, the operation and control of the system become increasingly complex and difficult. Real time control (RTC) maximizes the storage and treatment capacity of facilities, by dynamically adjusting the control strategy according to the real-time monitoring data, and intervening in the ancillary facilities of drainage system and wastewater treatment plant, in order to provide an intelligent solution for the operation of urban drainage system. Therefore, this paper summarizes the research progress of RTC, the development of control process and strategy, control model and control algorithm, and the inspiration for applying RTC in China.


control theory.

Author keywords

urban drainage system, real time control (RTC), control strategy, control model, control algorithm

Scientific reference

Z. Liu, L. Liu, G. Han, H. Wang and C. Sun. Real time control solutions for urban drainage system under watershed treatment. Zhongguo Jishui Paishui/China Water and Wastewater, 36(14): 66-75, 2020.