Challenge 2: Multiagent systems

Book Chapter (2021)

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Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Data Science


Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas






CSIC scientific challenges: Towards 2030

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  • Osman, Nardine

  • López Castro, Daniel

  • Gallego Alcalá, Víctor

  • Ríos Insua, David

  • San Miguel Ruibal, Maxi

  • Toboso Martín, Mario Alfonso

  • Noriega Blanco Vigil, Pablo

  • Rodríguez Aguilar, Juan A.

  • Sabater Mir, Jordi

  • Sierra, Carles

  • Zurro Hernández, Débora

  • Degli Esposti, Sara

  • Alenyà Ribas, Guillem


Our future is that of a mixed society of people and AI artifacts. A multitude of devices in our homes will need not only to make intelligent decisions, but they will also need to coordinate with each other to serve us well. Cars will have to coordinate to allow safe road crossings, avoiding accidents. Also, the industry is already beginning to integrate teams of humans and robots collaborating to solve complex problems.
Once there are a multitude of autonomous agents that interact in a collective system, a multiagent system (MAS), the notion of autonomous software agent takes a completely new perspective. On one hand, there are the agents, as a primitive entity and, on the other, there is the shared social space where they interact as a different primitive element. Research in this field has commenced with the engineering of autonomous agents and their reasoning and decision making capabilities. This was followed by interest in the interaction and coordination mechanisms of such complex systems, with solutions like agent communication languages, organisational and institutional approaches, competition and collaboration, and team formation popping up. Lately, agreement technologies have been gaining ground, which focus on normative systems, argumentation and negotiation mechanisms, trust and reputation, computational social choice, and semantics [...]


artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, multi-robot systems, social aspects of automation.

Scientific reference

N. Osman, D. López, V. Gallego, D. Ríos, M. San Miguel, M.A. Toboso, P. Noriega, J.A. Rodríguez, J. Sabater, C.S. , D. Zurro, S. Degli Esposti and G. Alenyà. Challenge 2: Multiagent systems. In Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Data Science, 39-52. Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, 2021.