PhD Thesis

Advances In State Estimation, Diagnosis and Control of Complex Systems

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  • Started: 02/06/2015
  • Finished: 22/10/2018


The motivation of this doctoral thesis proposal is to contribute to the control of complex systems by means of economic model predictive control (EMPC) investigating feasibility, stability and robustness conditions as well as including fault-tolerant mechanisms.

In order to achieve the general objective, it is split into the following specfi c objectives:
1. Contribute to EMPC strategies for complex systems.
2. Investigate the stability conditions of the EMPC controller for complex systems.
3. Guarantee the feasibility and robust stability of the EMPC controller for uncertain complex systems.
4. Develop fault diagnosis based on set-theoretic approaches for complex systems.
5. Design an active fault-tolerant EMPC controller for complex systems.
6. Apply the developed algorithms to real case studies.

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The work is under the scope of the following projects:

  • ECOCIS: EConomic Operation of Critical Infrastructure Systems (web)