Papers will be submitted electronically until 27th January 2013 using EasyChair. Due to the large number of requests received, the submission deadline was extended to January 30, 12:00 GMT

Guidelines on submitting papers through EasyChair

Once you have prepared your paper under the Manuscript Guidelines of this conference, and you that are ready to submit it for review, you can upload it using EasyChair. Please, follow these steps:

  1. Create an EasyChair account: You will need an EasyChair account to be able to submit your paper. Go to this link

    easy chair login

    Click in "sign up for an account" to create an account. Fill in all boxes with required information and "Press this button to continue". An email will be sent to the email address you supply so please be sure to use an appropriate email address. Check your spam filter if you do not receive the email from EasyChair. You will then be asked to create an account, username and password. Once your account is set up you will be able to access the CK2013 submission site.

  2. Navigating within EasyChair: When you login you can navigate by using the menu at the top of the screen:

    easy chair menu

    If you have already submitted to CK2013 you will see your paper(s) listed on this screen and will be able to select them for editing if necessary (see section below).

  3. New submission: Selecting the "New Submission" section from the menu. Complete all the fields as required and attach relevant documents before submitting.

  4. Changing the details of your submission: From the Overview page, select the paper you want to make changes to, e.g., Paper 1. Your paper will appear as "CK2013 Submission 1", use the menu on the right hand side of the screen to update information, update authors, submit a new version or withdraw your submission.

  5. Updating information about your submission:
    • Select "Update information" from the right hand menu of the Submission screen
    • Check that we have your correct postal address and fax number (in case we need to contact you and can not do so via email)
    • Check that your title and abstract are correct
    • Add up to 6 keywords
    • Fill out the form and press the "Change Information" button

  6. Updating author information about your submission
    • Select "Update authors" from the right hand menu of the Submission screen
    • Check that we have your correct details
    • Add or remove authors and update their details
    • Change the order of authors by selecting the "Reorder authors" button

  7. Submitting your final paper
    • Select "Submit a new version" from the right hand menu of the Submission screen
    • Note that the paper must be in PDF format.
    • Select the file from your computer that you wish to upload.
    • Submit your paper for review by selecting the "Submit a New Version" button.
    • Your paper will automatically be sent to the appropriate review panel for assessment