J˙lia BorrÓs Sol

If people do not believe that mathematics is simple,  it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is. 
~John Von Neumann 
PhD Thesis

Jan. 2018 - Present: Associate researcher at IRI, Barcelona, working at the ERC advanced grant CLOTHILDE.
May 2014: Best Reviewer Award at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation.
Feb. 2014 - Dec.2017:
Researcher at High Perfomance Humanoid Technologies Lab (H2T), Karlsruhe Institue of Technology.
Nov. 2011- Jul. 2013:
Researcher at Yale University, as a research associate at the GrabLab.
May 2011:
PhD on Robot Kinematics: "Singularity-invariant leg rearrangements in Stewart-Gough platforms", advisor: Federico Thomas.
2007-2011:PhD Student at Institut de Rob˛tica i InformÓtica Industrial (IRI), (CSIC-UPC).
2006:Technical Engineering Degree in Computer Science.
Degree in Mathematics  

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During my PhD, I got experience working on parallel manipulators and their geometric design. For more information about applications and prototypes, visit IRI's Laboratory of Parallel Robots. Visit the Thesis section for a summary of my PhD. Now you can download my thesis here!

My first postdoc, at the GrabLab, Yale University, I applied my knowledge about parallel robots to the kinetostatics of hands holding objects with precision grasps, that have similar structure to a parallel manipulator. For hands, the legs are the fingers and the platform the object being manipulated.

During my postdoc at the High Perfomance Humanoid Technologies Lab (H2T), I worked on several approaches to transfer properties of grasping to whole-body support poses using multi-contacts, that share similar structure than a hand holding an object, in this case, the hand is the robot and the object is the environment. I also worked on innovative gripper designs.

In 2018 I returned to IRI, and I have been working on cloth manipulation focusing on grasping, scene state estimation and planning. In 2019 I won the Ramon y Cajal scholarship and in summer 2020 I started my new position as a permanent research assistant.

Institut de Rob˛tica i InformÓtica Industrial
Parc Tecnol˛gic de Barcelona. C/ Llorens i Artigas 4-6,
08028, Barcelona, Catalonia

jborras at iri dot upc dot edu


Recent works

Check out my talks at the recently presented International Conference

A Versatile Gripper for Cloth Manipulation. Watch the talk here!

From the paper S. Donaire, J. BorrÓs, G. AlenyÓ and C. Torras. A versatile gripper for cloth manipulation. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 5(4): 6520-6527, 2020.

A Grasping-Centered Analysis for Cloth Manipulation. Watch the talk here!

From the paper J. BorrÓs, G. AlenyÓ and C. Torras. A grasping-centered analysis for cloth manipulation. IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 36(3): 924-936, 2020.

Check out my Science Robotics paper!!

Free access from my publications page!

Science Robotics paper

My career at a glance

From parallel robots

Geometrical design of Stewart-Gough platform. Geometries with generic architecture but simplified kinematics and singularties.

SGP platform

Decoupled SGP and implementation of the Octahedral SGP without multiple joints

                          SGPGriffis-Duffy platform

Singularity invariant reconfigurations of the octahedral SPG




To robotic hands holding objects

Equivalence between the 3-URS and 3-UR fingered robotic hand

Parallel robot 3-URSEquivalent hand holding coin

Influence of the compliant joints in parallel platform/hands workspaces

compliant handCompliant
                          hand equivalent to 3-URS

Dexterous manipulation workspace of underactuated hands

Workspaces for manipulation

Workspaces of underactuated hands


To whole-body postures with multi-contacts

Connections between grasping and whole-body posture balance with multi-contacts

Humanoid to handForce

Automatic detection of body support contacts from motion data

                          postures 2

Detection of supports

Taxonomy of Whole-Body Support Poses (click to make bigger)




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