cuikcad.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Main body of the cuikcad application. This application is supposed to translate geometric information (points, lines, parallelism and coincidence relations, etc.) to a cuik file (a file with equations) that will be later processed with the cuik tools.

Implement cuikcad.c.
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cuiksystem.h cuiksystem.c

Definition in file cuikcad.c.


int main (int argc, char **arg)
 Main body of the cuikcad application. More...

Function Documentation

int main ( int  argc,
char **  arg 

Main body of the cuikcad application.


  • cuikcad problem_name.cad


  • problem_name contains the CAD information.

The .cad extension is optional.

argcNumber of elements in the command line that starts the application (i.e., the cuikcad command itself and its arguments).
argStrings with the arguments.
EXIT_SUCCESS (0) if the execution worked out fine and EXIT_FAILURE if not.

Definition at line 43 of file cuikcad.c.

References CAD_EXT, CreateFileName(), DeleteCuikSystem(), DeleteFileName(), DeleteParameters(), Error(), GetFileFullName(), InitCuikSystem(), InitParametersFromFile(), and PARAM_EXT.