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|o*FAQ.doxygenCuikSuite Frequently Asked Questions
|\*main.doxygenThe main page for the CuikSuite documentation
o-examplesBenchmark problems solved with the CuikSuite. Alternatively you can also see a list of robots and linkages
|o+BarretThe Barret arm and hand
|o+BaxterThe Baxter robot
|o+BioSome molecules to test the bridge to OpenBabel
|o+CheckersThe Checkers family of deployable mechanisms
|o+CycloalkanesThe cyclohexane, bicyclohexane, cycloheptane, and cyclooctane
|o+DeltaManipulatorThe Delta parallel manipulator
|o+DisulfideA disulfide bond
|o+DoubleButterflyThe Double Butterfly Linkage
|o+FiveBarsA planar five bar linkage
|o+FourBarsA planar four bar linkage
|o+IJRRExample used in the IJRR-11 paper
|o+KinoCarExample used in the IROS-11 paper
|o+MarylandManipulatorThe Maryland parallel manipulator
|o+ParallelPlatformThree parallel robots
|o+PR2The PR2 robot by Willow Garage
|o+REEMThe REEM robot by PAL robotics
|o+RobotHandAn four-fingered antropomorphic robot hand
|o+ROSIndustrialA collection of robots from the ROS-Industrial project
|o+RSS11HandThe manipulation examples used in the RSS-11 paper
|o+Serial6R6R serial chains
|o+SingFreeSingularity free path planning
|o+SingleJointExamples of how to codify individual joints
|o+SmartBirdThe planar mechanism used in the wing of the Smart Bird
|o+StarA planar mechanism forming a star (or a spider)
|o+SymmetryDifferent problems to test the motion under symmetries
|o+TorusA mechanism with a torus-like configuration space
|o+TrisectorAngle trisector
|o+TwoArmsTwo robot arms cooperatively manipulating an object
|o+TwoRX60Staubli RX60 robots cooperating
|o+Watt-BaranovA 13-link Watt-Baranow truss
|o+WeldingA simple tutorial on the CuikSuite tools
|o+WheelieThe Wheelie family of mechanisms
|o+WSSingularitiesPlanar linkages used to test singularity-related tools
|o+WunderlichThe Wunderlich mechanism
|\+YouBotThe youBot youBot robot by Kuka