Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCTAStarInfoInformation of each node (chart) being visited in the A* search
oCTatlasA atlas on a manifold
oCTAtlasBaseType defining the equations on which the atlas is defined
oCTAtlasHeapElementStructure used for the elements of the heap of charts
oCTatlasrrtRRT with an atlas for sampling
oCTAtlasRRTStatisticsStatistics on the AtlasRRT constrution
oCTAtlasStatisticsData about the atlas construction
oCTaveragesStructure to store expeeriment results
oCTbifurcationRepresentation of a bifurcation
oCTBioWorldStructure with the molecular and the mechanical information
oCTboxA box
oCTbranchA kinematic branch
oCTBranchStepA step in a kinematic branch
oCTBTreeBinary tree of charts
oCTbufA node in a list
oCTchartA chart on a manifold
oCTChartInfoInformation for each chart in an AtlasRRT
oCTCollisionInfoInformation on the detected collisions
oCTcolorA color
oCTconstantA constant
oCTconstantsA table of constants
oCTcpCritical point structure
oCTcpolytopeA polytope associated with chart on a manifold
oCTCuikexploreControlDefinition of the cuikexplore control structure
oCTCuikMoveControlDefinition of the cuikmove control structure
oCTCuikPlayControlDefinition of the cuikplay control structure
oCTCuikSystemA cuiksystem, i.e., a set of variables and equations defining a position analysis problem
oCTDoublePairA pair of dubles
oCTenvironmentA collection of obstacles (convex polyhedrons) with their names
oCTequationAn equation
oCTequationInfoInformation associated with each scalar equation in the equation set
oCTequationsSet of equations
oCTexprExpressions that appear in the constant declarations are either variables (and have and name) or constants (and have a value)
oCTfilenameData structure to hold the information about the name of a file
oCTheapA generic binary heap
oCTHessianHessian of a set of equations
oCTHTransformA homgeneous transform in R^3
oCTintervalDefines a interval
oCTiteratorList iterator
oCTJacobianThe Jacobian of a set of equations
oCTjointRelation between two links
oCTLinearConstraintA linear constraint with an associated error
oCTlinkInformation about each rigid part of a mechanisms
oCTlistA generic list
oCTmappingMapping between the sets of variables in two different cuiksystems
oCTmechanismA mechanism description
oCTMequationMatrix equation
oCTMinTraceA minimization trace
oCTMolInfoSummarizes the information relating a given molecule
oCTmonomialA scaled product of powers of variables
oCTparameterInformation about a single parameter
oCTparametersA table of parameters
oCTplotA 2D plot
oCTplot3dA 3D plot
oCTpolyhedronA polyhedron
oCTpqpCDInformation associated with the PQP collision detection engine
oCTrrtA RRT on a manifold
oCTRRTSampleInfoInformation for each sample in a RRT
oCTRRTStatisticsStatistics on the RRT construction
oCTRRTStepStep in a solution path
oCTsampleA sample
oCTSampleInfoInformation for each sample in an AtlasRRT
oCTscpolytopeA simpleifed polytope associated with chart on a manifold
oCTSHTransformA homgeneous transform in R^3
oCTSimplexA simplex tableau structure
oCTsolidCDInformation associated with the solid collision detection engine
oCTsolidObjInformation of each object
oCTstatisticsStatistics associated with a solving process
oCTTransA step in a transform sequence
oCTTransSeqA sequence of transforms
oCTvariableData associated with each variable in the problem
oCTvariable_setA set of variable indexes with powers
oCTvariablesSet of variables of a cuiksystem
oCTvcollideCDInformation associated with the Vcollide collision detection engine
oCTvectorA generic vector
oCTworldAll the necessary information to generate equations for mechanisms
\CTworldCDAuxiliary data for the collision detection