cuiklinks2joints.c File Reference

Detailed Description


A tool to transform cxuik variables to articular variables.

Definition in file cuiklinks2joints.c.


int main (int argc, char **arg)
 Main body of the cuiklinks2joints application. More...

Function Documentation

int main ( int  argc,
char **  arg 

Main body of the cuiklinks2joints application.

A tool to transform variables giving the links poses to joint variables.


  • cuiklinks2joints problem_name output_name


  • problem_name is used to generate the world and links files.
  • output_name [optional] is name of the dof file. If not given the problem_name is used.

The extension are optional.

argcNumber of elements in the command line that starts the application (i.e., the cuiklinks2joints command itself and its arguments).
argStrings with the arguments.
EXIT_SUCCESS (0) if the execution worked out fine and EXIT_FAILURE if not.

Definition at line 62 of file cuiklinks2joints.c.

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