Tbox Struct Reference

Detailed Description

A box is a n-dimensional orthotope, i.e., a vector of intervals delimiting a subset of the seach space. The whole search space (i.e., the largest possible box) is defined from the ranges of the variables. ReduceBox operations shrink boxes and bisection operations create new boxes.
The initial box has level 1. Boxes created via bisection of a box of level m have level m+1. Thus, the level of a box is a measure of how deep it is in the search tree explored by cuik. This level is printed in the normal output of cuik. If the average level of boxes that become empty or solutions are above, say 25, there are few chances for the problem to be solved in finite time.

See Also

Definition at line 83 of file box.h.

Data Fields

unsigned int level
unsigned int n

Field Documentation

unsigned int Tbox::level

Number of bisections applied to create this box. Also level of the search tree at which this box is created.

Definition at line 84 of file box.h.

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