Tvariable_set Struct Reference

Detailed Description

A set of variable indexes. This is used to implement the set of power variables in a monomial or just a colletion of variable indexes (in this case the powers are not used).

The structure also supports funtions applied to each individual variable (typically trigonometric functions: sin/cos). This can be combined with the powers to yield exponentials of the functions (e.g. sin(x)^n or cos(x)^n).

Note that this is not a set of variables with information for each variable (see Tvariables) but merely a set of variable indexes.

This is basically a vector (see Tvector) and is not implemented using the generic Tvector just for legacy reasons (Tvariable_set was implemented much before that the generic structure Tvector). Moreover, to use a generic vector we need to implement a basic type including the variable identifier and the variable power (and the associated constructor, destructor, copy operator, etc).

See Also
variable_set.h, variable_set.c, Tmonomial

Definition at line 131 of file variable_set.h.

Data Fields

unsigned int nvars
unsigned int maxvars
unsigned int * var_id
unsigned int * power
unsigned int * fun

Field Documentation

unsigned int Tvariable_set::maxvars

Maximum number of the variables in the set.

Definition at line 133 of file variable_set.h.

Referenced by AddVariableInt(), CopyVarSet(), DeriveVarSet(), and InitVarSet().