WSSingularities Directory Reference

Detailed Description

Planar linkages used to test singularity-related tools.

This folder includes mechanisms from where we generate equations. Then, these equations are extended with singularity related equations (for instance, to isolate the singularity loci or the workspace boundaries). The extended equation files are solve using cuik.

Note that the examples included in this file are relatively simple. More complex singularity-related problems can be addressed with the CuikSuite tools, but up to now we do not have tools to automatically generate the necessary equations. This is part of our futher developments

For more complex examples, please check our TRO-12 and JMR-13 papers.

Please, have a look to the two files included in this folder for more details on how to process them:

For more information about the files in this folder contact Oriol Bohigas.

Develop tools to automatically generate the equations for the singularity-related problems.


file [code]
 A planar 3R robot used to test the sigularity-related tools.
file [code]
 A planar parallel platform used to test the sigularity-related tools.