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We next provide a selection of problems solved with the CuikSuite. For each benchmark we include a problem description, and instructions on how to process them with the tools included within the CuikSuite. Alternatively you can also see a list of robots and linkages modelled in the CuikSuite.

Introductory Examples

Planar Linkages

Parallel Spatial Robots

Serial Spatial Robots

Robotic Hands

Service Robots

Singularity Detection and Singularity-free Planning



directory  Barret
 The Barret arm and hand.
directory  Baxter
 The Baxter robot.
directory  Bio
 Some molecules to test the bridge to OpenBabel.
directory  Checkers
 The Checkers family of deployable mechanisms.
directory  Cycloalkanes
 The cyclohexane, bicyclohexane, cycloheptane, and cyclooctane.
directory  DeltaManipulator
 The Delta parallel manipulator.
directory  Disulfide
 A disulfide bond.
directory  DoubleButterfly
 The Double Butterfly Linkage.
directory  FiveBars
 A planar five bar linkage.
directory  FourBars
 A planar four bar linkage.
directory  IJRR
 Example used in the IJRR-11 paper.
directory  KinoCar
 Example used in the IROS-11 paper.
directory  MarylandManipulator
 The Maryland parallel manipulator.
directory  ParallelPlatform
 Three parallel robots.
directory  PR2
 The PR2 robot by Willow Garage.
directory  REEM
 The REEM robot by PAL robotics.
directory  RobotHand
 An four-fingered antropomorphic robot hand.
directory  ROSIndustrial
 A collection of robots from the ROS-Industrial project.
directory  RSS11Hand
 The manipulation examples used in the RSS-11 paper.
directory  Serial6R
 6R serial chains.
directory  SingFree
 Singularity free path planning.
directory  SingleJoint
 Examples of how to codify individual joints.
directory  SmartBird
 The planar mechanism used in the wing of the Smart Bird.
directory  Star
 A planar mechanism forming a star (or a spider).
directory  Symmetry
 Different problems to test the motion under symmetries.
directory  Torus
 A mechanism with a torus-like configuration space.
directory  Trisector
 Angle trisector.
directory  TwoArms
 Two robot arms cooperatively manipulating an object.
directory  TwoRX60
 Staubli RX60 robots cooperating.
directory  Watt-Baranov
 A 13-link Watt-Baranow truss.
directory  Welding
 A simple tutorial on the CuikSuite tools.
directory  Wheelie
 The Wheelie family of mechanisms.
directory  WSSingularities
 Planar linkages used to test singularity-related tools.
directory  Wunderlich
 The Wunderlich mechanism.
directory  YouBot
 The youBot youBot robot by Kuka.