Joan Solà
Welcome to my tiny web page!

This page is rather basic. However, I wanted to have the most relevant ideas and results of my work available on the internet.

RT-SLAM: Real-time EKF-SLAM in C++

UPDATED Aug 5, 2015:   6DOF, SLAM toolbox for MATLAB
-- now including graph-SLAM methods !

Since Apr. 20, 2010:   KF, EKF and SLAM course in MATLAB

I obtained my degree in Electronics at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Catalonia
I worked as a research enginneer in electronics for renewable energies at Ecotècnia, Barcelona, Catalonia.
                        logo I completed my PhD in robotics at LAAS-CNRS laboratory in Toulouse, Occitania, France.
SRI_logo I made a post-doc at SRI International, Menlo Park, California, USA.
                        logo I made a post-doc at LAAS-CNRS laboratory in Toulouse, Occitania, France.
I helped building a manned submarine to visit the ocean depths down to 1200m, at Ictineu Submarins, Barcelona, Catalonia. There, I designed the first pressure-tolerant lithium battery for manned submarines in the world.
I helped isardSAT in entering extra-planetary exploration activities for the search of water and ice in different planets of the Solar System.
logo IRI
I am currently doing research on robotics and computer vision at IRI, thanks to the Ramon y Cajal contract I obtained in 2013.
GDR logo
I obtained the second prize of the GDR Robotique "2007 Best Thesis in Robotics Award", France.

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I am with those who work for freedom.

My main areas of interest are:

  1. Visual SLAM with Detection and Tracking of Moving Obstacles for Autonomous Navigation, including the following topics:
  2. Humanoid locomotion
    • Equilibrium control based on the vestibular system (vision and inertial).
    • Reactive walking motion generation based on the vestibular system.
  3. Underwater intervention
    • Navigation
    • Localization and mapping
    • 3D reconstruction


International journals (get .bib files)

  1. IJCV'11: Impact of landmark parametrization on monocular EKF-SLAM with points and lines. pdf file. Videos 1, 2, 3, 4.
  2. Vidal-Calleja et el., RAS'11, Large Scale Multiple Robot Visual Mapping with Heterogeneous Landmarks in Semi-structured Terrain, pdf file.
  3. Konolige et al., JFR'08: Mapping, Navigation, and Learning for Off-Road Traversal. In collaboration. Published at Journal of Field Robotics (pdf).
  4. TRO'08: Fusing monocular information in multi-camera SLAM. IEEE Transactions on Robotics, Special Issue on Visual SLAM. pdf. Videos 1, 2, 3, video descriptions.
  5. Robotics Research'11: Large Scale Visual Odometry for Rough Terrain. pdf, video of VO+IMU operation in a 4.9km trajectory run.

International conferences and workshops (get .bib files)

  1. Mendes et. al., ICARV'16, Parallax Angle Parametrization in Incremental SLAM, accepted for publication, request pdf file.
  2. Corominas-Murtra et. al., ICRA'16, Observability analysis and optimal sensor placement in stereo radar odometry, pdf file.
  3. Santamaria-Navarro et. al., IROS'15, High-frequency MAV state estimation using low-cost inertial and optical flow measurement units. pdf file.
  4. Roussillon et. al., ICVS'11, RT-SLAM: a generic and real-time visual SLAM implementation. pdf file.
  5. Morisawa et. al., IROS'10, Combining Suppression of the Disturbance and Reactive Stepping for Recovering Balance, pdf file, video (7.7MB).
  6. ICRA'10: Consistency of the monocular EKF-SLAM algorithm for 3 different landmark parametrizations. pdf file. Video attachment (6MB).
  7. Morisawa et al., Humanoids'09: Reactive Stepping to Prevent Falling for Humanoids. pdf file.
  8. IROS'09: Undelayed initialization of line segments in monocular SLAM. pdf file. Video attachment (4 MB). Presentation slides: keynote (96 MB), ppt (96 MB), flash (2.2 MB).
  9. IROS'07 Workshop on visual SLAM: Multi-camera SLAM: From former information losses to self-calibration. pdf. Keynote  presentation zip.
  10. ICRA'07: BiCamSLAM: Two times mono is more than stereo. pdf file.
  11. IROS'05: Undelayed initialization in Bearing Only SLAMpdf file, ppt presentation, pdf presentation, mp4 video.
  12. IROS'05: A practical 3D bearing-only SLAM algorithm. pdf file.
  13. ICRA'05 SLAM Workshop: Delayed versus Undelayed initialization in Bearing Only SLAM. ppt presentation for Mac. pdf presentation. pdf abstract.

PhD thesis (get .bib file)

  1. PhD Thesis'07: Towards Visual Localization, Mapping and Moving Objects Tracking by a Mobile Robot: a Geometric and Probabilistic Approach. pdf file. Get the presentation in Keynote, ppt, HTML (best is keynote for MacOSX. HTML is good but with no videos).

Technical reports and other

  1. LAAS'08: Undelayed initialization for monocular SLAM. pdf file. There is this appendix with a new method to invert the radial distortion function. Videos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, video descriptions
  2. Tech Report LAAS'06: Incremental Structure from Restrictive Motion. pdf file.
  3. EDSYS'05: Initialisation sans retard d'amers SLAM par mesures Angulaires. pdf file (French).
  4. EDSYS'03: Estimation de l'Etat d'un Micro Drone par Fusion de Données. doc file (French). pdf file (French). ppt presentation (French).


  • GDR-GT2'09: Localisation visuelle pour la robotique mobile terrestre. Presentation about monocular SLAM, multi-camera SLAM, mapping of segments and other subjects. ppt. keynote. flash. (French).
  • LAAS'06: Cartographie et Localisation par vision monoculaire. ppt presentation (French).
  • PICAS$O'05: Reconstruction 3D par mono vision avec des trajectoires fortement contraintes. ppt presentation (French).
  • IRI'05: SLAM amb visió monocular. ppt presentation (Catalan).

Some interesting documents

  • NEW 29-01-12 EKF-SLAM: a very quick guide. For absolute beginners!
  • Quaternion kinematics. A consistent summary of quaternion expressions with kinematics and error-state formulas.
  • 3D Algebra for Vision Systems in Robotics. Differentiation, frame composition, pin-hole cameras, expressions of all involved Jacobians and their modular manipulation, several algorithms for Vision-based Bearing-Only SLAM. pdf file.

Other projects

My last project

  • Climbing Mount Whitney (4.421 m, 14.505 feet), the highest mountain in the 48 contiguous states of the USA, on Christmas day 2007.


  • I restarted hang gliding, something I almost forgot I was doing once!
In El Mont, Catalonia --> deltaFlying in Berga <-- In Berga, Catalonia

Contact me:
email: joan /dot/ scat /at/ gmail /dot/ com