• 2013 Best PhD Thesis on Robotics in Spain


    Our Institute is proud to announce that PhD Thesis "Numerical Computation and Avoidance of Manipulator Singularities" by our student Oriol Bohigas, is the winner of the 2013 Best PhD Thesis on Robotics in Spain Award from GTRob CEA.
    The award was given at the XXXV Jornadas de Automática in Valencia. Check out the list of awards.

  • TFM Offers on Intelligent Vehicles


    Mobile Robotics Group has new TFM (Treball Final de Màster) proposals:
    - "Planning Motion Manoeuvres for Intelligent Vehicles". More info
    - "Object Detection and Tracking for Intelligent Vehicles". More info

    You can see all our proposals here.

  • TFM Offer


    We have a TFM (Treball Final de Màster) Proposal about deep learning:

    - Title:"Task-Specific Deep Networks for World Understanding"
    - Supervisor: Edgar Simó and Francesc Moreno
    - More info: here

  • TFM Offers on flying ball robots


    We have two TFM/Master Thesis Proposals available about flying ball robots:

    - Proposal 1: "Speech recognition and interaction with humans by a flying ball robot" (info)
    - Proposal 2: "Localization and navigation of a flying ball robot" (info)

  • IRI achieves 2 projects at 2014 H2020 Calls


    13 proposals participated by UPC (4 of them also coordinated) has been selected to be funded in 2014 Calls from Horizon 2020.
    2 of them (1 coordinated) belong to our Institute:
    - GRACeFUL Project (H2020-FETPROACT): coordinated by Tom Creemers
    - AEROARMS Project (H2020-ICT23): participated by Alberto Sanfeliu

  • PhD Thesis Defense 04/11/2014


    Title: Hybrid modelling and receding horizon control of combined sewer networks
    Student: Bernat Joseph
    Supervisors: Gabriela Cembrano and Carlos Ocampo-Martínez
    Date and place: Tuesday 4th November 2014, 11:00h, Sala d’Actes FME, UPC

  • PhD Thesis Defense 07/11/2014


    Title: Experimental and Model-based Analysis for Performance and Durability Improvement of PEM Fuel Cells
    Student: Stephan Strahl
    Supervisors: Jordi Riera, Attila Husar and Maria Serra
    Date and place: Friday 7th November 2014, 10:00h, Sala d’Actes FME, UPC