• New PFC/TFG Proposal


    We are looking for a Computer Science student to perform with us this PFC/TFG (Projecte Fi de Carrera / Treball Fi de Grau):

    Title: "A graphical interface for the CuikSuite"
    Supervisor: Josep Maria Porta

    More info here

  • New TFM Proposals


    Kinematics and Robots Design group has new TFM (Treball Final de Màster) offers.

    - "Universal dual arm manipulation planning". More info
    - "Inverse kinematic techniques for the motion planning of cooperative robots". More info
    - "Trajectory optimization techniques for closed-chain motion planning". More info

  • Job offers OMRON / IRI


    We have 2 offers for performing an internship at OMRON in cooperation with IRI. This internship may eventually lead to a PFG (Projecte Final de Grau) or to a TFM (Treball Final de Màster).

    More info here:
    - PFG/TFM/Internship at OMRON (1)
    - PFG/TFM/Internship at OMRON (2)

  • 2013 Best PhD Thesis on Robotics in Spain


    Our Institute is proud to announce that 3 of our students are the finalists for the 2013 Best PhD Thesis on Robotics Award from the Robotics Interest Group of the Spanish Automation Committee (GTRob CEA). Congratulations to Oriol Bohigas, Anaís Garrell, and Carlos Rosales. The winner will be decided during the XXXV Jornadas de Automática (September 3-5, 2014 in Valencia).

  • TFM Offers


    Kinematics and Robots Design Group has new TFM (Treball Final de Màster) proposals:

    - "Manipulability-guided path planning". More info
    - "Parallel AtlasRRT". More info

    You can see all our proposals here .