María de Maeztu videos

In this website, we will show several videos to explain some of the tasks carried out within the María de Maeztu (MdM) Strategic Program of the Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial (IRI).

MdM project (MDM-2016-0656) has been developed from July 2017 until December 2021, and has been funded by MCIN/ AEI /10.13039/501100011033

"Advanced fuel cell control and motion planning for durability and efficiency improvement of a mobile robot PEMFC power plant", by José Agustín Aguilar "Robot personalisation", by Antonio Andriella "HomeGrip: A multifunctional gripper for housekeeping tasks", by Júlia Borràs
"Nonlinear observer design for state and parameter estimation in PEM fuel cell systems", by Andreu Cecilia "Event-based simultaneous localization and mapping", by William Chamorro "Robot learning by demonstration", by Adrià Colomé
"Robot control in domestic environments", by Adrià Colomé "GanHand: Predicting human grasp affordances in multi-object scenes", by Enric Corona "Human-Robot collaborative multi-agent path planning using Monte Carlo Tree Search and social reward sources", by Marc Dalmasso
"Robot learning of assistive tasks", by Juan Antonio Delgado "PYERCING - Open your ears: predicting object material from impact sounds", by Mariella Dimiccoli "Benchmarks for garment manipulation", by Irene Garcia
"Social drone navigation", by Anaís Garrell "Robot ethics: a space on IRI´s website devoted to reflection and dissemination on the ethical concerns of robotics", by Pablo Jiménez "Attention deep learning based model for predicting the 3D human body pose using the robot human handover phases", by Javier Laplaza
"Control system design for PEMFC to Maximize the Efficiency and Minimize the Degradation in an Automotive Application", by Ali Molavi "Knowledge Representation for Industrial Collaborative Robotic Tasks", by Alberto Olivares "Ethical, regulatory and philosophical aspects of social robotics", by Júlia Pareto
"Collaborative Social Robot Navigation in Accompany and Approaching Tasks", by Ely Repiso "Leak management in large-scaled water distribution networks", by Luis Romero "Supervision and Fault Tolerance for Assistive Robotics", by Alberto San Miguel