• IRI SEMINAR - 28/06/2019


    Title: Modelling the motion of pedestrian groups
    Speaker: Francesco Zanlungo, ATR International (Japan)
    Date and time: 28/06/2019 - 12:00h
    Place: IRI Main Meeting room

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  • Carme Torras winner of the IV Prize


    Carme Torras, mathematician and pioneer of robotics, winner of the IV Prize "Julio Peláez" to Women pioneers of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

    She is recognized as a pioneer in the novel line of research on temporal processing of motor signals.

  • Assistance robots will be sophisticated home appliances / DIARI ARA


    This is the reality that Professor Carme Torras visualizes. Platforms equipped with mobility, with the ability to manipulate objects and with a computer system based on artificial intelligence algorithms.
    And if we move away from the cinematic stereotype, what tasks can these robots do?
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