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Seminar 2-12-2020

Speaker: Leonardo Colombo ()
Time: 12:00
Title: The interplay between geometric integration with cooperative and multi-agent systems

In many engineering applications, numerical integrators for continuous-times equations of motion of physical systems are usually derived by discretizing differential equations. However, the inherent geometric structure of the governing continuous-time equations and conserved quantities are not preserved in simulations with the traditional integrators. Variational integrators are numerical methods derived from the discretization of variational principles. These integrators retain some of the key geometric properties of the continuous systems, such as preservation of the configuration space, momentum conservation, and also exhibit easily verifiable behavior of the energy associated with the system. This class of numerical methods has been applied to a wide range of problems in optimal control, constrained systems, power systems, nonholonomic systems, and systems on Lie groups. In this seminar, we will discuss the role of variational integrators in the coordinated motion of multi-agent systems.

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