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CLOCWiSe: Constraint logic for operational control of water systems


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Constraint Logic Programming (CLP) is a young programming paradigm, responding perfectly to the needs of decision support in the water field. CLP is a successful, fast spreading technology, and is state of the art in areas dealing with logistics, and scheduling and planning problems, like airline business, car manufacturing, etc.

Its success lies in the tight integration of constraints along diverse dimensions like time, topology, hydrodynamics, etc., yielding global and fast solutions to a highly combinatorial problem and dealing efficiently with imprecise knowledge and partial information.

CLOCWiSe breaks with the traditional simulation-based approach popular in the water field, and is the first CLP application in the field of operational control and management of water systems. It is dedicated to drinking water supply and includes two main functions, the Configurator/ Scheduler and the Estimator. An innovative Graphical User Interface allows the user to specify both network topology and problem elements in a uniform graphical way.

CLOCWiSe has been introduced in the city of Bordeaux in France.

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Project Publications

Conference Publications

  • M. Brdys, T. Creemers, H. Goossens, J. Riera, A. Heinsbroek and L. Zbigniew. CLOCWiSe: constraint logic for operational control of water systems, 26th Water Resources Planning and Management Conference, 1999, Tempe, Estats Units d'Amèrica, in Preparing for the 21st century, pp. 1-13, 1999, ASCE, Nova York, Estats Units d'Amèrica.

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