6-D manipulation with aerial towed-cable system

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RSS Workshop on Aerial Mobile Manipulation (WAMM)



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We propose a new approach for the reliable 6- dimensional quasi-static manipulation of an aerial towed-cable system. The novelty of this approach lies in the combination of results deriving from the static analysis of cable-driven manipulators with the application of a cost-based motion-planning algorithm to solve manipulation queries. Using this approach, we can ensure that the produced paths are feasible and do not approach dangerous configurations that could provoque the malfunction of the system. The approach has been simulated on the FlyCrane, consisting of a platform attached to three flying robots using six fixed-length cables. The obtained results show the success and the suitability of the approach.


aerospace robotics, planning (artificial intelligence), robot kinematics, robots.

Scientific reference

M. Manubens, D. Devaurs, J. Cortés and L. Ros. 6-D manipulation with aerial towed-cable system, 2013 RSS Workshop on Aerial Mobile Manipulation, 2013, Berlin, Germany.