Considering the anchoring problem in robotic intelligent bin picking

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Catalan Conference on Artificial Intelligence (CCIA)





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Random Bin Picking means the selection by a robot of a particular item from a container (or bin) in which there are many items randomly distributed. Generalist robots and the Anchoring Problem should be considered if we want to provide a more general solution, since users want that it works with different type of items that are not known 'a priori'. Therefore, we are working on an approach in which robot learning and human-robot interaction are used to anchor control primitives and robot skills to objects and action symbols while the robot system is running, but we are limiting the scope to the packaging domain. In this paper we explain how to use our system to do anchoring in Robotic Bin Picking.


intelligent robots, manipulators, robot programming.

Author keywords

robot system, bin picking, generalist robots, anchoring problem, learning, HRI, symbol planning

Scientific reference

D. Escudero and R. Alquézar Mancho. Considering the anchoring problem in robotic intelligent bin picking, 21st Catalan Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2018, Roses, in Artificial Intelligence Research and Development, Vol 308 of Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, pp. 350-354, 2018, IOS Press.