Research line

Sensing devices

On the perception side, several sensing devices provide the required input that enables the robots to learn and to display an environment-aware responsive behavior.


Cameras include the following:

  • Time of Flight (ToF) cameras: Swissranger sr3000 (x 1), Camboard (x 3) and CamCube 3 (x 1) from PMD Technologies
  • RGBD cameras: Kinect v1 (x 5), Kinect v2 (x 2), Xtion (x 1), Intel RealSense Depth Camera D435i (x 2) (mounted on the TIAGo robots), Intel RealSense Depth Camera D455 (x 1)
  • Infrared cameras: NIR (x 2)
  • RGB cameras: Grasshopper (200fps) (x 2), Grasshopper3 GigE (5MP) (x 2), Flea2 (x 6)
  • Stereo cameras: Bumblebee (x 2)
Force and torque

Robot wrist-mounted force and torque (F/T) sensors:

  • 6 axes ATI F/T sensor
  • 6 axes Schunk F/T sensors at the wrists of the TIAGos' arms (x 2)
F/T sensor ATI F/T sensor Schunk
  • Chlorophyll measuring sensor Spadmeter (x 1)
Chlorophyll sensor